KRISTA'S RESPONSE to Commissioner Blocker's blatant lies about her:


Krista is a Gold Star Mom whose love of country and county are the reasons she is running for Commissioner, District 4. She raised two U.S. Navy SEALs, and she lives by the values she instilled in all five of her children. A top concern for Krista is the unbridled growth she has witnessed in our county, caused by rubber-stamping of developments. Her opponent, Commissioner Blocker, voted 71 out of 73 times* to developing rural and other undeveloped land.We certainly don’t want four more years of that.


She’s a fiscal conservative who put her principles into practice when she served on the Citrus County Hospital Board, a governor-appointed position, in which the Senate confirmed her for a second term.  She played a major role in the elimination of millions of dollars in taxes while providing better healthcare that was more efficient, state-of-the-art, and affordable.

Endorsement of Krista from Hospital Board Chair:

“Krista joined in assessing the needs, developing a strategic plan, stood the pressure… participated in joint decisions for change.”


Endorsement of Krista from Mayor Glasser of the City of Atlantic Beach: 

“Krista is the most hard-working person I know… she has lived through too much to sit idly by when she believes corrective action is needed. She will stand up for you, the people …”


1. Slow down growth. Our commissioners have approved 61,000+ housing units that have not been built and they keep approving more. Rewrite the tree ordinance to discourage clear-cutting of trees. 

2. Krista rejects completely the proposed 15% sales tax increase, saying “The last thing we need is to raise the sales tax on our hard-working families, especially as we face higher gas and food prices, and inflation.” Her opponent, Commissioner Blocker, supports the tax increase despite his pledge to lower taxes.

3. Developers must cover the costs of infrastructure so that St. Johns County taxpayers are not responsible.

4. Put our First Responders FIRST. They should not have to leave the county to get a pay raise, and that’s exactly what’s happening. We train them, lose them, and then have to pay to train their replacements. That’s not an efficient way to run these departments. Why do we have some of the lowest starting salaries in the area? Krista will advocate for fair starting salaries for First Responders.

5. Maintain our 42 miles of coastline – our most valuable natural asset and driver of tourism, home values and tax revenue. Renourishment of our beaches must keep pace with other coastal communities.

6. Preserve more green space by allowing residents to vote on a referendum that would allow significant lands to be acquired. Other Florida counties such as Volusia are doing this successfully. Our Land Acquisition Management Plan (LAMP) alone will not enable sufficient conservation of land to offset the massive development in our county.

7. Krista will do what it takes to follow through on her goals with honesty, integrity and transparency. County Commissioner will be her only job besides taking care of her family.



Krista is a lifelong athlete, a graduate of University of Arizona on a running and academic scholarship, and an advocate for children’s health. She has many distinctions including Coach of the Year (HS state cross country) and founder of the Arizona Track Club. She remains very active and loves to take advantage of all that St. Johns County has to offer including biking, paddle boarding, running, fishing and kayaking. That’s why she believes so strongly in achieving a better balance of residential and commercial development, recreational space and natural areas. Her husband of 28 years, Dr. Ron Joseph, is also an athlete, having brought home an Olympic bronze medal in figure skating before he embarked on a career in orthopedic surgery.

What does it mean that Krista is a Gold Star Mom?  It signifies the loss of a child who was on active military duty. Krista lost her son, U.S. Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV– sincerely a distinction that no mother wants, but that is worn with pride.  You can read HERE about Krista’s journey with her heroic son Charlie, who was killed in a firefight with ISIS in 2016. She hopes that her family’s story inspires others, and at the same time is supportive of any parent who has lost a child. Krista’s experiences as a Gold Star Mom coupled with her strong opinions have led to her being interviewed by Fox & Friends seven times. See one of her interviews here.

Krista moved from Arizona to Florida in 2007 with her husband and their daughter Ali who swims on the St. Augustine Cyclones swim team. The family moved to St. Johns County in 2013.  Soon after arriving, Krista began coaching the Ocean Palms running program as a volunteer. She currently volunteers for the Daughters of the American Revolution and Our Lady Star of the Sea – the church her family attends. She loves literature and as an author, has received the Royal Palm Literary Award, 1st place in Children’s Books, for her Big-Hearted Charlie series. Her most notable book is Charlie Don’t Be A Hero, A Mother’s Story of the Extraordinary Life of Her Son, U.S. Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV. 

Krista has risen above adversity time and again. The grit and strength she has demonstrated during the tough times in her life are what’s needed to take our county back from the stranglehold of big development. Together, we can do it.  Krista asks for your vote on August 23rd. Please spread the word in social media and in emails to friends and family in this great county.

Krista is up against big developer money. Every donation counts.


*12/4/18 – 1/1/21, Source: BOCC Minutes & Agendas

Paid for by Krista Keating-Joseph, Republican for St. Johns County Commissioner – District 4